SHIMANO Reel Technologies – HAGANE

SHIMANO Reel HAGANE, Technologies

2018 – Reel technologies.

A new design more tougher than before and more efficient (X-SHIP) fishing reel


SHIMANO Reel HAGANE, is a durable, tougher reel by SHIMANO. Making your toughest challenges look easy. Handle the challenge like a true angler.

Step forward to a more evolving fight ahead of you and bring the control and weapons you’ll need. The stronger you are, the better the tackle and more efficient you will be with those challenging tackles.

The all-new, HAGANE by SHIMANO reel, is a new evolving design concept, to hold stronger and challenging tackle yet. Continuous precision engineering, durability, you will evolve with the reel. Shimano have true in-depth knowlegde and skills, with experiance when designing reels such as the SHIMANO Reel HAGANE. The robust steel rigid body, with X-Ship, makes tackles look easy. As more and more concepts are developed, reels are slowly evolving to suit the needs of anglers in the world. This reel suits both, beginners and professionals.

The Reel, SHIMANO Reel HAGANE, have the following attributes/features:

  • Highly durable cold-forged aluminium drive gear

  • Durability
  • Smoothness
  • Strength,
  • Efficient power transmission (X-SHIP),
  • Rigid reel body, Named: HAGANE Body,
  • Evolving design,
  • Embodiment of smoothness,
  • Increased gearing efficiency and power,
  • Metal body with extreme rigidity





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