President Baitcast Reels

President Baitcast Reels

The Pflueger President Baitcast Reels is worthy of the office of President. It is one well-built quality baitcasting reel at Amazon or eBay that will go down in history as state of the art at a price the common man or woman can afford. No need to come up with a down payment before you purchase this beauty it does not take an arm and a leg to buy.

The President baitcasting reel at Amazon or eBay has 9 double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a one-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing giving this reel at Amazon or eBay a long casting ability because of the well-balanced, super smooth spool rotation that is next to none.

Constant achievement at a great value! The President spinning reel is first in its class in both specialties and execution, transporting a reel that will fascinate over and over again.

The workings of this reel at Amazon or eBay come packaged in a rugged one-piece solid aluminum frame with aluminum handle side plate. Throw in a machined, ported and anodized aluminum spool and sturdy cold-forged aluminum handle with soft touch knobs and you have the makings of a comfortable, all day, lightweight fishing machine.

The Pflueger President Baitcasting Reel comes with a titanium line guide, patented six-pin adjustable centrifugal brake system and soft-touch thumb bar spool release. I gotta say that this reel at matches the quality and fishability of the reel that is three times the cost.

These baitcasting reels are design with the most evolving technologies around. Given you the most out of baitcasting.

Take a look at the specs below.

Model # Capacity Ratio Weight Spool Retrieve Class
President 2LP 100 Yds/ 12lbs 6.4:1 8.0oz Standard Right Medium Freshwater
President 2WLP 130 Yds/ 14lbs 6.4:1 8.4oz Wide Right Medium Freshwater/light saltwater
President WLPL 160 Yds/ 12lbs 6.3:1 9.4oz Standard Right Medium Freshwater/light saltwater

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