Shimano Cruxis Reel

Shimano Cruxis Reel

Shimano Cruxis Reel Reviews, will guide you and give you an insight into the reel itself and the magnitude of its capacity. The low-profile Shimano Cruxis reel will blow your socks off with its incredible castability, power and smooth retrieves. Packed with premium features like High efficiency gearing, variable brake system, super and assist stoppers this reel casts like the gem that it is.

The clicking drag star adjustment coupled with the dartainium drag material reduces the chance of the drag backing off at light settings and provides the angler a wide range of drag settings and the smoothest drag performance ever. Delivering the super free bearing with dartanium drag. The three shielded steel ball bearings will help you though the quick captures in extreme conditions.

The Shimano Cruxis reel at features a one piece aluminum body construction with a precision aluminum lo-mass spool that reduces the weight of the spool by drilling, and lowers start-up inertia for more manageable casts. This reel has a max line of 180yds, giving you more, extra length, to finish off your catch.

The Shimano Cruxis reel has the following:

  1. 3 shielded stainless steel ball bearings,
  2. 1 stainless steel roller bearing,
  3. Shimano super free bearing supported pinion gearing system,
  4. dartanium drag,
  5. super stopper anti-reverse plus assist stopper,
  6. Shimano (VBS) variable brake system,
  7. Quickfire II clutch bar casting system,
  8. paddle knob power handle,
  9. 6.2:1 gear ratio,
  10. and line capacity 8lb./180yds., 10lb./155yds. and 14lb./110yds.

These reels are excellent for freshwater baitcast reel fishing. Fish with ease with a super stopper with anti-reverse plus!
Keep and read maintenance instructions here.

The recessed reel at Amazon or Ebay foot allows the reel to sit closer to the rod for comfort and maneuverability making the Cruxis a great choice for those long days of throwing those spinner baits under the docks and around the submerged trees.

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