Pflueger Baitcasting Reel Reviews

Pflueger Baitcasting Reel Reviews

The Pflueger name has been involved in the fishing industry since 1881 when Earnest F. Pflueger began the Enterprise Manufacturing Company making fish hooks. Eventually Earnest A. took over the business renaming it the E.A. Pflueger Company and he expanded the company to include all aspects of fishing gear and tackle.

The first Pflueger baitcast reel at Amazon or Ebay was put into production in Akron, Ohio, in 1916 and quickly become the standard of the sport fishing industry. Their quality was and continues to be top of the line with a middle of the line price tag making the Pflueger Baitcasting reel affordable for the normal fisherman and woman.

The Pflueger company prides itself in producing dependable and innovative fishing gear and their line of baitcast reel is no exception. Check out the reviews of these fine reel.

President Baitcast Reels

The Pflueger President Baitcasting Reel is worthy of the office of President. It is one well built quality baitcast reel that will go down in history as state of the art at a price the common man or woman can afford. No need to

Trion LP Baitcast Fishing Reel

Find a better reel than the Pflueger Trion LP in a matching price range will be next to impossible. The Trion Baitcasting Fishing Reel is built with a solid one-piece aluminum frame foundation for strength and durability.

Pflueger Summit Baitcast Fishing Reel

The Pflueger Summit baitcasting fishing reel at Amazon or Ebay is manufactured with quality components and exact workmanship for outstanding performance and smooth operation.

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