Shimano Calcutta TE Reel

Shimano Calcutta TE Reel

The Shimano Calcutta TE Reel series of the reel is, simply put, one of the finest examples of design and construction you will ever put on the handle of your fishing rod. Crafted with a machined aluminium frame, and featuring Shimano’s best technological advances, the Calcutta TE oozes with quality. Tolerances and play are minimized to the point where you won’t notice them now or years from now. This is more than an excellent fishing reel, it’s a keepsake.

The Shimano Calcutta TE comes with the platinum service plan to back up the fantastic benefits that are featured on this reel. The Anti-rust ball bearings (A-RB), Low-mass drilled spool system, Variable brake system, high-efficiency gearing and super stopper with assist stopper make this reel a real gem to cast.

These baitcasting reels have cold-forged aluminium with a double handle and with a line capacity of  5,7:1. The Shimano Calcutta will allow you to experience the hardest and toughest situations ahead of you. Giving you a string handle with a grip to help you sustain those speedy captures. Some people The Calcutta series is universally regarded as the stablest and most dependable high-speed baitcasting multiplier, with eminence spanning back over 20 years. Most of all Calcutta reels have a gear ratio of  265 with  x2 S A-RB + 2 Shielded Stainless Steel + 1 Roller Bearing. This makes anglers tackle efficient and at ease.

Throw in the Dartainium drag material, recessed reel foot, adjustable handle shank, Septon or rubber handle grips and the CTE clicker system and you find the Calcutta TE handling ability par to any reel at Amazon or eBay it can be compared with. Fishing with this jewel keeps the fun in fishing no matter how much you do.

Shop for reels at Shimano stores located on their website. Rely on the best technology and be safe to know that Shimano design will always evolve.

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