Shimano Calais Baitcasting Reel

Shimano Calais Baitcasting Reel

If you are looking for the ultimate in performance and style look no further. The Shimano Calais Baitcasting Reel at Amazon or eBay easily fits into your hand like a good, make that great, low profile baitcaster should. It is fitted with an aircraft-grade aluminium frame that is loaded with features such as, anti-rust bearings, titanium level wind insert and dartainium drag for a smoother than normal drag.

The super free bearing supported gear system takes care of any friction between the pinion gear and the spool shaft for an increase in free spool. The Shimano Calais Baitcasting Reel has spool support bearings are greaseless resulting in more reduction of friction for greater casting efficiency and distance. Couple that with the variable brake system which uses centrifugal force rather than magnets and you have more control over your long distance casts.

The Shimano Calais Baitcasting Reel boasts the super stopper that eliminates back play for more solid hooksets. The Septon handle assembly is soft to the touch and does not get slippery when wet. The recessed reel foot allows the reel to sit closer to the rod handle making the whole assembly a comfortable and manoeuvrable joy to fish.

The Calais has sleek and shiny finish. Durable and looks perfect to match your equipment. The curves make it seem and feel like a top reel and gives that boost in morale before and during challenges. Give yourself a better hope than usual and catch fish you want. The rigid, sturdy reel inside makes this reel reliable in extreme conditions. No worries with regards to rust, scratches or damages. The Calais reel makes this reel look better than most reels out there.

This reel can handle perfectly with freshwater and salter.

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