Daiwa Steez 7.1 Ultra High Baitcasting Reel

Daiwa Steez 7.1 Ultra High Baitcasting Reel

Review of the Daiwa Steez 7.1 Ultra High Baitcasting Reel. Lightening speed and lightweight go hand in hand in this new Magnesium-bodied Daiwa Steez bait casters. You will get an ultra-high speed, blazing fast 7.1:1 retrieve with the Steez 100HSA. The lightest baitcasting reel of their kind is now also among the world’s fastest. Cast all day long without wearing yourself out. Rip lures back to the boat and covers water with incredible ease. Overwhelm big bass with unmatched power, precision and performance. You will get so spoiled you won’t want to fish with anything else. The Daiwa Steez baitcasting reel at Amazon or Ebays match perfectly with Daiwa Steez Bass Rods.

Starting out at just 5.6 ounces, these are the lightest high-speed reel available today. Equipped with a roller bearing and eleven precision ball bearings and a free-floating aluminum alloy spool that starts faster and spins longer equates to great castability. Stick on a swept handle for less wobble, better feel and you end up with maximum winding leverage.

It appears Daiwa is all about speed this period, as they not only hoist speed in their Zillion series, they also prepare to acquaint new faster variants of their flagship award-winning magnesium based Steez reels. The Zillion series of reels have a nice finish and design concept. The cutting edges shows the sharp features this reel has. As they do not boast speed, they tend to show a sleek design built in a steel frame along with stainless steel bearings. With the reel only weighing 5.6 ounces, this reel will help on high-speeds during tackles and will help on catching your fish as fast as you had anticipated.

Daiwa Steez 7.1 Ultra High Baitcasting Reel can be purchased from your local or on online stores. Always look for reputable dealerships that can warranty, or better guarantee, the reel. This will assure you, not only you have a good sturdy reel, but you can have a peace of mind when retrieving after sales support if they are any faults or problems.


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