Shimano Cardiff Round Baitcasting Reel

Shimano Cardiff Round Baitcasting Reel

The Shimano Cardiff round baitcasting reel is a reel that not only performs beyond your wildest dreams but also gives you outing after outing of dependable fishing service. A reel designed with five slick, smooth anti-rust bearings, one-piece diecast aluminium frame, aluminium side plates and spool along with a number of other key Shimano features and you are set to fish all day. A key feature for this round baitcaster series is the recessed reel foot which allows the reel to sit close to the rod, allowing you to palm it like you would a low profile reel at Amazon or eBay. The neat part of this is that the spool still has the high line capacity you would expect from a round reel. You get the best of both the salt and freshwater worlds.

Here are the features of this low-cost high-quality Shimano Cardiff reel at Amazon or Ebay series.

  • A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings)
  • One-Piece Diecast Aluminum Frame
  • Handle Side Variable Brake System (VBS)
  • Super Stopper with Assist Stopper
  • Non-Disengaging Levelwind System ( 400 & 401 only)
  • Recessed Reel Foot (Except on Models 400A & 401A)
  • Three Post Quick Take Down (except on 2-post models, CDF100A)
  • Rubber Handle Grip
  • Aluminum Sideplates and Spool
  • Clicker (400A and 401A only)
  • Metal Series

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